What is MSSECSVC.EXE? MSSECSVC.EXE is a dangerous Trojan virus designed by cyber criminals to attack your computer and earn profit for them. This virus comes into your computer through many ways. It comes with some freeware and shareware you download from some illegitimate websites. Using infected documents, USB devices and Read more…

Trojan Win32/Detplock Removal

Infected with Trojan Win32/Detplock virus Trojan Win32/Detplock is an extremely dangerous Trojan infection. It comes out recently and creates vulnerability on random PCs. This virus keeps being found while it persists. Generally, nothing is working to stop the notification. This situation may frighten you. Why it returns with each reboot? Read more…

How to Remove C:Windows/Reimage.ini? (April 2018 updated)

C:Windows/Reimage.ini Description

C:Windows/Reimage.ini is a severe trojan infection which can seriously damage your computer. Usually, the virus uses unfair methods to invade your system. Once inside, it immediately modifies Windows registry and generates a bunch of malicious files. As a result, your PC performance will slow down dramatically. In addition, C:Windows/Reimage.ini virus is able to install other malware programs onto your computer, such as speedupmypc, flv player, PC Optimizer Pro etc. You have to remove this stinky trojan as soon as possible, otherwise, it may even cause financial loss or identity theft as it has the capability to steal your confidential information and use it illegal purposes. Therefore, dont let C:Windows/Reimage.ini hang around too long, delete it right now by following the detailed removal instructions below. (more…)