How to Delete .Djvuu Ransomware?

.Djvuu Ransomware Introduction:

.Djvuu Ransomware belongs to the ransomware family which is created by the criminal hackers. This horrible virus can access to computer system without asking for any permission. Once infected, it can encrypt files on the system’s hard drive. If you want to decrypt the files or restore the system, you have to pay for the hackers. .Djvuu Ransomware is a nightmare for system’ users.

How to Decrypt .Pumax Ransomware?

What is .Pumax Ransomware? .Pumax Ransomware is classified as a ransomware infection which encrypts your files, including words, excels, pictures and videos. The virus asks you to pay a ransom in order to decrypt your files. There’s nothing you can do to decrypt your files. So paying the decrypted code Read more…

How to Delete GandCrab v5.0.4 Ransomware?

GandCrab v5.0.4 Virus Description GandCrab v5.0.4 belongs to a file encrypting infection often installed in targeted computer without asking for permission. It is designed for commercial purpose and intends to earn money with illegal means. You should pay extra attention if you find you files are renamed into weird extension. Read more…

How to Decrypt [].combo Virus?

[].combo Virus  Description [].combo Virus  is a notorious ransomware virus created by hacker and used to blackmail Windows users by encrypting their personal files and locking their computer and making everything unusable on that PC. This virus uses network security bugs to invade your system without your awareness, even though Read more…

Removal Instructions for Ransomware (Solution)

What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a hot computer infection which encrypts user’s important files to demand ransom fees. This virus attacks users from all over the world. Once it is installed, malicious file extension will be injected in all files on the infected machine. It shows a ransom not to tell users what has happened to their files and what they should do to recover files, that is to buy decryption key with bitcoins. You should know that it may be a trick created by hackers. Even though you purchased the decryption tool from them, your files may still be infected. So you should never trust such criminal, and you should get rid of Ransomware right away to win more time for finding legitimate tools for file recovery. Take action to delete the ransomware now with the guide below.

(Latest Solution) How to Remove GANDCRAB V3 .Crab File Ransomware

What is GANDCRAB V3?


GANDCRAB V3 ransomware

GANDCRAB V3 is a dangerous computer threats which belongs to Ransomware family. The main purpose of GANDCRAB V3 virus is to hack the target computer system and encrypt user’s daya to demand a ransom fee to its maker. There are several ways that GANDCRAB V3 can sneak into your system without any notice. Usually, GANDCRAB V3 is bundled with some free software or shareware. If you don’t pay enough attentions when you download some programs or games on the Internet, it will give a chance for GANDCRAB V3 to invade your system. Besides, the attachments of junk emails may contain the various unwanted programs which may include GANDCRAB V3. Further, you may get this type of infection when you visit some sponsored websites or click on malicious links. Once GANDCRAB V3 is loaded on your computer, it can encrypt your files such as word, excel, RAR and ZIP. Sometimes it can lock your system and display messages on your computer screen which intend to coax victim users into paying for the decryption key. You will see such ransom note:

All your files documents, photos, databases and other important files are encrypted and have the extension: .CRAB
The only method of recovering files is to purchase a private key. It is on our server and only we can recover your files.
The server with your key is in a closed network TOR. You can get there by the following ways:
0. Download Tor browser –
1. Install Tor browser
2. Open Tor Browser
3. Open link in TOR browser:
4. Follow the instructions on this page
On our page you will see instructions on payment and get the opportunity to decrypt 1 file for free.
The alternative way to contact us is to use Jabber messanger. Read how to:
0. Download Psi-Plus Jabber Client:
1. Register new account:
0) Enter “username”: 21b1a2d1729f0695
1) Enter “password”: your password
2. Add new account in Psi
3. Add and write Jabber ID: any message
4. Follow instruction bot
It is a bot! It’s fully automated artificial system without human control!
To contact us use TOR links. We can provide you all required proofs of decryption availibility anytime. We are open to conversations.
You can read instructions how to install and use jabber here
Do not try to modify files or use your own private key. This will result in the loss of your data forever!



In brief, it is really hazardous to keep this ransomware in your system. Since you notice that your computer has been attacked by GANDCRAB V3, take actions to remove it without any delay. (more…)