How to Delete AnySearch 1.2.3 From Safari?

AnySearch 1.2.3 Description

AnySearch 1.2.3 is a stupid browser hijacker virus that can slip into your computer without your consent and knowledge. Once installed, it immediately attacks your internet browsers. You may notice that the homepage of your Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer becomes a strange website, when you go online to look for some beneficial information AnySearch 1.2.3 always opens new tabs on its own. Besides, the annoying malicious website can cause browser redirections to insecure domains. Clicking its related links and popups will launch a slew of viruses. Worse still, this AnySearch 1.2.3 pop up virus is able to keep track of your surfing habits. This means that it will steal your personal information like web history, search queries, credit card details, IP address etc. and then use it for evil purposes. If you dont take feasible measures to get rid of it completely, it may even help hackers take control of your compromised computer. All in all, AnySearch 1.2.3 is very dangerous and irritating. You should remove it from your computer immediately. (more…)

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(Guide) How to Delete WeKnow Search from Safari and Chrome?

Best Guide to Remove WeKnow Search Redirect Virus

WeKnow Search

WeKnow Search is identified as a web browser hijacker that changes victims’ homepage and search engine without permission. WeKnow Search takes over Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome after it infiltrates a computer with help from free software. You will be redirected to WeKnow Search search engine every time you open homepage, Google Search and new tab.

Even though you reset your homepage and search engine, WeKnow Search will reappear again after system restart. Leaving this threat on your PC is very dangerous, because it helps adware and spyware attack your PC and even help hacker steal your sensitive information.

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