(Latest Solution) How to Remove / Uninstall PrUpdater

Basic Information about PrUpdater:



PrUpdater is a dangerous adware application that annoys many computer users recently. It silently penetrates into computers without the knowledge of users. After getting into the targeted Windows system, it creates a lot of trouble for users and starts generating frustrating pop-up ads, deals, coupons, discounts, fake message, sponsored links and other online savings in the web browsers. Usually, PrUpdater affects the most used browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. (more…)

ZIP CRUNCHER Uninstall Instructions (Updated in May 2018)


ZIP CRUNCHER is a bothersome Adware program which is able to attack different Windows operating system including Windows10, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows XP. Once it is installed in the targeted computer, it can display various pop-up ads and coupons on your computer screen which annoy you so much. Generally, ZIP CRUNCHER can add some malicious codes and extensions to the browsers that you have installed such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox in order to take control of your browsers and change your search engine. As a result, you will experience redirection problem. Every time you start a new page to search something, you will be always redirected to other strange page.

As long as ZIP CRUNCHER stays in your system, it can perform various harmful activities in your system. Apart from showing commercial ads all the time, it can also drop other potential threats to your computer. Furthermore, ZIP CRUNCHER can record your browse history and spy users’ private information for its designers. In the end, you important data and money will be stolen. You have to keep in mind that it is not good to download some free program online because most often, ZIP CRUNCHER can be bundled with the installations of freeware. Thus, if you want to keep a safe computer again, you should make further steps to remove ZIP CRUNCHER right now. (more…)

How Can I Remove hanstrackr.com? (SOLVED)

What is hanstrackr.com? hanstrackr.com is infection activated by malicious application which has been listed as adware. Once gets inside your computer, it will display various pop-ups, coupons, discounts, deals and other online offers on all your browsers. hanstrackr.com may claims to provide you a great online shopping experience. However, it Read more…

Counterflix Ads Removal (Final Solution – April 2018)

Ads by Counterflix present on every website you visit? This post contains easy guide to assist you get rid of Counterflix adware completely and quickly before it causes more problems


Counterflix Malware Removal Guide

Counterflix is an tricky and harmful malware and adware which will infect your PC after you install some unknown free software. Once Counterflix invades your PC, your browsers such as IE, Firefox and Chrome will be inserted with its malicious codes which will keep generating ads on your screen whenever you surf the Internet. Meanwhile, Counterflix will use spyware codes to collect your information from your browser cache and history, thus it can always track your visited websites and search query to show relevant ads to harass you.


How to Remove CLOUDNET.EXE? (April 2018 updated)

Further information about CLOUDNET.EXE CLOUDNET.EXE is a notorious adware that troubles users around the world. This CLOUDNET.EXE claims to help users find the best price and most cost effective products during online shopping. However, it turns out to be a troublesome program. CLOUDNET.EXE is not a trustworthy application but actually Read more…

How to Remove FASTDATAX 1.20? (Final Solution!)

What is FASTDATAX 1.20? FASTDATAX 1.20 is a nasty adware that can totally compromise the system severely. Once infected by FASTDATAX 1.20, users are highly recommended to remove it completely as soon as possible. FASTDATAX 1.20 infiltrates into the system silently. FASTDATAX 1.20 has closed relationship with other third-parties malware. Read more…