Guide to Delete Skilled Marketing Adware on Mac OS

Skilled Marketing Removal Guide Skilled Marketing is a malware that inserts codes on your browser to generate annoying ads in forms of banner ads, coupon dropdown ads, popup ads and in-text hyperlink ads on every webpage you open. Skilled Marketing is activated by malicious extensions like bettersurf and Media Player Read more…

Guide – Delete RAV antivirus (Sept. 2021)

RAV antivirus Description:

RAV antivirus
RAV antivirus is rogue computer program which can mess up the targeted computers without any consent. Usually, RAV antivirus penetrates into your system along with some free software programs, spam email attachments, unsafe website and links. Once successfully invades into the computer, it has the capability to perform many evil conducts to attack your system. RAV antivirus can manipulate your browsers and affect your browsing experience by displaying endless pop-up. You should not trust any of the pop-up things because they are totally fake and only a trap for you to buy its license. Moreover, RAV antivirus can change the registry entries and add its harmful files to your system. In this case, it will take up lots of system source and space usage, which will slow your computer speed and performance. Further, RAV antivirus can cut down the firewall and DNS settings which can give the chance for the hackers to remotely access your computer and steal your personal information. It is a high risk to keep RAV antivirus in a system for a long time. To protect your system from further damage, it is suggested to remove it as soon as possible. (more…)

How to Delete Video Downloader by Skyload ? (Removal Guide)

Video Downloader by Skyload is labeled as a disgusting adware which is able to lay negative influence on the targeted computer. Recently, it breaks out and affects hundreds of computers through the Internet. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge will become the main targets to be impacted by Video Downloader by Skyload as long as it it installed. By modifying browser settings, Video Downloader by Skyload will pop up constantly onto new tab, which interrupts ongoing activities abruptly.
Video Downloader by Skyload
From the time Video Downloader by Skyload settles down, it will start modifying web browser settings to take Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox into control. Meanwhile, Video Downloader by Skyload may generate other kinds of toolbar, extension and plug-in to endlessly bombard computer with annoying ads. Worse still, harmful threats can be brought to further damage important files or even crash down your PC. (more…)